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Releasing my First Novel

My first novel, Paradise Bound, is coming out in a few days and I’m filled with all kind of contradictory emotions. It was such a long process… Writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, editing… It seemed endless. But eventually I had to stop and let it go bravely into the world. It reminds me of the time when, years ago, my daughter Roxanne decided that, at seven years old, she was big enough to walk to school on her own. I could see the school’s gate from my house’s rooftop but I was full of apprehension because I couldn’t see her cross the street. As I didn’t want to stifle her desire to be self-sufficient, I had to let go and wait anxiously from my rooftop to see her enter the school. Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book “Big Magic” that you have to take a leap of faith, and even though there’s always something else you can write, there’s a time when the book is done and has to get out. So here it is.

There’s also nostalgia because some of the friends who encouraged me in the process are no longer alive, and I feel sadness and concern with all the bad news of the world, terrorist attacks, wars and rumors of wars. Still, I can’t help but feel excitement, elation and a sense of accomplishment for fulfilling the yearning to let a story come through me and present it humbly to the world.

I hope you enjoy Paradise Bound as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll be happy to hear feedback and comments. Wishing you all happy holidays! Cheers!

For more info on Paradise Bound, visit my website at

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