Winner of the 2017 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards category inspirational.


Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

Paradise Bound is one of the most balanced and well written romance novels I have ever read. Not only does Rafaële Désiré know a lot about the Yin and Yang of romance, but she knows a lot about life. The characters are so real you expect them to walk out of the pages and introduce themselves. The protagonist is Dr. Natalie Dorel, a beautiful, strong, caring woman just finishing her residency at a Paris hospital. Never have I seen the spiritual and emotional cost of being a physician written so well. Natalie is brilliant and she has attained her lifelong dream. She has it all, including a good man, so what’s wrong? Rafaële Désiré shows us page by page.

Paradise Bound is all the more impressive because it is Rafaële Désiré’s first novel. I am in awe. I love how the reader is shown the value of art. Like Natalie, a lot of us get caught up in things that are concrete and are expected of us, to such an extent that we neglect the spiritual side. This can be costly and very difficult to understand or correct. Everything in Paradise Bound teaches us the value of life and love. When a story can teach so much and be so entertaining, I consider it a success and I look for that author’s name in my future trips to the book store. Great dialogue, realistic people and situations, and a perfect rendition of the fights, misunderstandings, and hidden fears that come between friends, family, and lovers make Paradise Bound a compelling read. If you love romance, pick it up and start it, one Friday night when you’re not working the next day.


Published by Clear Source Publishing

"As far as romance goes, this is the real deal." OnlineBookClub